Bio and Pics
Bio and Pics

Bio and Pics

Ediaz33 Bios

Option A (200 Words): Nativa Focus

Eric Diaz is a business owner and entrepreneur in the Marketing/Technology industry. Eric began his career working across the United States and China for Staples, Inc., which strengthened his project management abilities and allowed him to engage with multicultural audiences.

Following his work at Staples, in 2008, Eric founded Nativa, a multicultural communications agency that focuses on underserved communities through digital marketing and culturally relevant content creation. Nativa brings measurable work to large national clients, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Carmax, Charmin, Henkel, Arizona State University, and more.

In 2014 Eric Diaz co-founded O.Y.E., a business intelligence SaaS company that provides multicultural segmentation
via social media sources for clients both nationwide and internationally.
The platform allows clients to make educated business decisions and develop culturally relevant communications with hard-to-reach audiences and ethnicities across the U.S.

In 2013 Eric opened a shared office space, Coworking on 15th Ave, which supplies affordable office space to 20 members of the central-Phoenix small business community.

Additionally, Eric has developed and currently teaches two Social Media courses at Phoenix College, a historically Black and Hispanic serving institution.

Option B (150 Words): OYE Focus

Eric Diaz is Co-founder for OYE! Business Intelligence which is a platform that segments and monitors real-time online multicultural conversations allowing clients to make educated business decisions and develop culturally relevant communications with the fastest growing ethnic groups in the U.S. OYE!’s work includes ongoing analysis for Fortune 100 brand MassMutual as well as for the largest public higher education provider in the nation, Arizona State University. Other well-known clients include Big Lots, Got2b, Kroger, Schwarzkopf and White Castle.

Eric has worn many hats throughout his professional career. He spent parts of 2007 and 2008 in Shanghai, China’s economic capital, serving an important supply chain development role to support exponential company growth in the region for Staples, Inc., a Fortune 500 retailer. Eric completed his Masters Degree in Finance at Northeastern University in Boston, obtained a Marketing degree from The Ohio State University and has a passion for helping people.

Option C (117 Words): Nativa/OYE Focus

No other person in the office loves Mondays as much as Eric does. The Co-founder of both Nativa and OYE leads these teams by focusing on the needs of the client in order to deliver the best long-term solutions. He credits his years working across continents for the corporate giant Staples, Inc. as the guiding path to his strong project management ability. To stay on top of the newest trends in multicultural marketing, Eric participates in online conversations, researches best practices and industry trends, and discusses the newest wrinkles in marketing, advertising, and digital strategies. A veteran of several traditional cubicle-farm office environments, Eric enjoys the fact that he can finally justify spending his day on Instagram.

Option D (49 Words): Nice and Tight

Since 2010, Eric has been a Partner at Nativa Multicultural Communications. In 2014 he co-founded O.Y.E. Intelligence, a software that segments online multicultural conversations allowing clients to develop culturally relevant communications with hard-to-reach communities. Eric owns Coworking on 15th Ave and teaches business statistics at Phoenix College as well.