Eric One, Priceline Zero

Sometimes David beats Goliath, sometimes the Florida Marlins win, and occasionally one is able to fight the man and win.

Priceline, for all their advertising showing themselves as a hip, friendly company is anything but that if you ever have to deal with their customer service.

For brevity’s sake I wont elaborate with much of the detail, but the gist of it is I tried to use Priceline as I often do for a one night stay in Denver. After 4 attempts in which the Priceline automated response was No Luck, I gave up and booked a regular hotel room directly by calling the hotel.   Upon returning home from my trip I checked my bank statement and realized I had been billed $70 from Priceline that night!   The next day when I called Priceline customer service and asked to have it removed I was basically laughed at and told there was nothing that could be done.  I was confused by this as Priceline has a great reputation, at least I believed.  After the call, I gathered proof to send them that showed I had no knowledge of a confirmed booking and even sent the company my credit card statement showing my purchase at another hotel that same night in question.  I mentioned that if they were to call the hotel they could confirm that no one every checked in that night they claim I booked.
Priceline had no interest in hearing my evidence and refused to remove the charge. So I took it up with my bank, Citicard, explaining to them my complaint.  Citicard actually did take the time to review my letters and 60 days later I received the notice below which shows me there is value in standing up for oneself.

So, at the end of the day, I confirmed that you should always stand up for yourself.  You may not win them all, but occasionally you can score a win against the man.