ALPFA 4 Under 40 Awards – The Resurgence of a Forgotten Phoenix Non-Profit

As I stood on the stage and looked out on the 60 blank stares, I gripped the microphone with my sweaty palms and did what I always do in this situation; told a joke.

A few weeks back I was honored to be awarded with the 4 Under 40 Award from ALPFA, the Association of Latino Professionals for America. I was delighted to be part of the panel with three other distinguished young professionals where we could share our stories and help inspire further generations to achieve and aspire.

And while I was fortunate enough to be on the stage that day, I myself was truly inspired by the ALPFA Phoenix team who recently formed, and planned out a well attended, educational networking event of which all attendees were able to derive value, and likely leave with at least one valuable personal connection. ALPFA organizers were smart about planning the inaugural event; forming a board with a younger delegate who have the energy and enthusiasm to have an impact. Additionally, the non-profit’s partnering with New York Life for this event was an equally wise decision as the financial services firm has built a reputation in recent years for supporting education within the Hispanic community.

Back on the stage, I reclined back slightly; the joke had landed (thankfully) and the next 45 minutes was an easy back and forth of questions and answers peppered with laughs as well as emotional stories. The event went wonderfully and I am happy to see the enthusiasm brought on from the ALPFA Phoenix group and look forward to their next event here in the Valley.

A few images from the evening:


4 under 40

audience 2

eric diaz


alpfa team

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