Surprising Trip to Hollywood Casino – Toledo

High Expectations?

I honestly didn’t expect much from a Toledo casino.  Having been to a range of well known US casinos from Las Vegas to Foxwoods, I wasn’t assuming much as my friend and I descended on the elevator into the Hollywood Casino adjacent to the Maumee River on Toledo’s south side.  As I walked into the grand ballroom, I was pleasantly surprised .

I found a very clean and inviting environment before me.  There were many well dressed employees walking around cleaning and one even asked me if he could help me find anything.  After he pointed me to the H-Lounge sports bar, I knew I was in good shape.

A Visit to the H-Lounge Sports Bar

The sports bar is located in the center of the casino and is really the crown jewel.  It is lit up by dozens of large flat screen TV’s embedded in the walls that are layered with large mirrors. The ambiance was very relaxing and the beer menu passed the test as a sports bar, in my opinion, is only worth patronizing if it has at least 4 beers on draft that are not owned by either Miller-Coors or Budweiser.

My girlfriend, Sarah, excited to enter the H-Lounge sports bar

Entrance of the H-Lounge sports bar

Knowing When to Fold’em

Now, I’m not much of a gambler.  In fact, casinos for me are really about the boxing, buffets, and even the, well, entertainment.  However, I had to try and see if it was indeed my lucky day.

Originally I had thought the casino slots and games would be similar to what you see in Atlantic City; rundown machines and sketchy looking clientele from which you wouldn’t want to find yourself alone in an alley with.  That was not the case as the gleaming machines and modern games called our attention to try our fortune.

My friend and I weren’t big spenders and we probably coughed up about 10 bucks on the slots before we had our fill.  Overall, our trip cost us a very affordable $20-$25  including the drinks.

Slot area in Hollywood Casino Toledo

Slot area in Hollywood Casino Toledo

So Where do I Park my Boat?

Now there was one negative aspect of the casino I did want to mention.  Many people have found it disappointing that although the casino is located along the Maumee river,  the casino owners did not set up docks, which could potentially have been a big draw.  Upon doing a bit of research I found that the casino chose not to at the time of setup due to lack of a foreseeable return on investment, at least in today’s economy.

A Good Experience at an Ohio Casino

Overall, our trip was a great one and I wouldn’t hesitate to return on my next trip to Toledo.  Having had a chance to visit an Ohio casino, I now look forward to visit the Columbus casino once it opens up in October in hope that it may be even better than the Toledo Hollywood Casino.