Hispanic Business Owners Volunteer – Learn to Prioritize Your Time

Hispanic Business Owners Volunteer – Learn to Prioritize Your Time

by Vanessa Medina | Oct 23, 2019 | Events | 0 comments

We are all guilty of finding excuses for why we can’t do the things we know we should, like losing five pounds, calling our relatives or making time to volunteer. Have you ever stopped to think that the most successful people in the world also only have 24 hours in a day? How do they manage to achieve the perfect balance between their professional and personal lives? How do they make time for others when they probably don’t even have time for themselves? These Hispanic business owners found a way to prioritze their time, here’s how!

Entrepreneurs Eric Diaz of OYE Business Intelligence and Natalia Ronceria Ceballos of LaNRC are certainly two of the busiest people in Phoenix, but that has not stopped them from giving back to the community. Besides owning and managing multiple businesses, Eric and Natalia make creating a positive impact a priority, even when they are overloaded with many other tasks.

“It’s not always easy,” Natalia says, “and many times it can be quite tiring, but it is so worth it.”

How Did These Hispanic Business Owners Volunteer?

How did these two entrepreneurs end up on the outskirts of Puerto Penasco, MX, building houses without knowing anything about construction?

Eric and Natalia have been friends and business colleagues for more than seven years. Last summer, they heard about 1Mission, a nonprofit organization that gathers volunteers to build small houses for deserving families. What really stood out and made these Hispanic business owners volunteer was the organization’s focus on highlighting the community in need rather than marketing their volunteers. In other words, the group did not support the ‘Barbie Savior’ type of experience.

“I wasn’t interested in the all-too-common volunteer experience centered on minimum impact and maximum exposure on Instagram,” Eric says.

About 60 volunteers, including Eric and Natalia, traveled to a remote area 30 minutes north of the tourist town of Puerto Peñasco, MX. It is an area where many local families have suffered the consequences of the vicissitudes of the U.S economy. In just three days, these volunteers built three humble houses–from foundation to ceiling–for 1Mission to give to three families in need.

What these Hispanic Business Owners Did in Three Days

Hispanic Business Owners Volunteer

Day 1: After leveling the land where the houses were built, the volunteers laid the borders and poured the concrete floor, which dried overnight.

Day 2: The bulk of the work took place on the second day, including the wood framing for the walls, the window cutouts and roof assembly and placement. All the work was done without the use of power tools.

Day 3: On the final day, volunteers covered the walls with stucco while the roof was laced with a protective coating to prevent damage from sun and rain. By the end of the day, the houses were ready to go and the keys were turned over to their respective new owners.

How Much Time Do You Really Need?

It only took Eric and Natalia one weekend to set aside their daily responsibilities and embark on a journey to make an impact on peoples’ lives through volunteering. The key for them to finding balance is knowing what is important and what is not. Eric and Natalia agree on how important it is to say, “yes!” to fulfilling experiences and “no, thanks” to opportunities that will not add value to their lives.

Hispanic Business Owners Volunteer

About Eric and Natalia

Eric Diaz is the co-founder of Nativa, a Multicultural Marketing Agency in Phoenix and the software company OYE! Business Intelligence. He also owns Coworking on 15th, a business that provides affordable office and convening space for other small ventures in the Phoenix area. Natalia Ronceria Ceballos is a bilingual coach and facilitator of knowledge and runs La NRC, a company dedicated to building communities and strategic partnerships through bilingual training and education. Additionally, both Natalia and Eric are on the board of Collectivo, a local nonprofit with a mission to create a vibrant, networking community for marketing and media professionals interested in the Hispanic market. In the summer of 2019, they welcomed the fourth class of Latinx influencers into their free, six-week workshop that teaches participants how to take their content to the next level.

A Final Thought On How These Hispanic Business Owners Prioritize Time

Never be afraid of prioritizing the causes that you value that support the greater good.

Hispanic Business Owners Volunteer

“We only have our time, talent and treasure that we can invest,” Natalia regularly advises others.